Stop reacting to your company’s whims! 4 Steps on How to Regain Confidence of your Career through Ne

Are you feeling like you are at the mercy of your employer just waiting for them to determine your next step (good or bad)…

It’s the time of year when we start reflecting on our roles and thinking about how our reviews turn out. And the wheels begin to spin…

Will I receive a good review? Will my role expand? What will they surprise me with this year? Will I need to look for another job? How will I even start to find something else…Where do I begin??

These feelings are all totally normal and the good news is there are ways to get ahead of them. Through a few simple networking steps, you can become less reactive and more proactive. Not only will networking allow you to learn about opportunities within the job market, it will also make you less susceptible to the influence of your company’s ups and downs.

Yes, I know the idea of networking can feel tremendously overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where to begin. So, here’s an easy step-by-step guide on where to start!

  • First, reach out to people who you admire, or work in a role or field of potential interest. Make it simple and easy. Ask these individuals for 30 minutes of their time to learn more about them and their careers. The objective of these informal informational interviews is to learn! Gain insights, advice and hopefully clarity. The additional benefits of having these conversations are increased visibility and the halo effect. Not only do you make yourself top-of-mind to someone you admire, but you also position yourself into their sphere of influence.

  • Second, attend conferences, alumni, industry, and networking events on topics you are curious about or you are passionate about. The key to maximizing these events is to avoid tunnel vision! Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of only speaking with people you know in your company and in your social network. Challenge yourself to mingle with others. Use these events as opportunities to be inspired and create viable relationships with ‘new blood’.

TIP: If you’re not immediately comfortable with introducing yourself to strangers, consider attending an event with a friend or co-worker. Then ask him/her to introduce you to one other person in the room that they know. Once introduced, ask your new acquaintance to introduce you to someone else at the event… and on and on. By doing this, your networking snowball will begin to roll!

  • Third, look beyond LinkedIn to make the most of your immediate network of family and friends. You might be surprised at how they are connected. Leverage their networks and contacts by specifically asking to be put in touch with people that can be of assistance. Including individuals who work target fields of industry, or have common interests and professional backgrounds.

  • Finally, find recruiters in your space and reach out to them! Just make sure that you align with the correct recruiters. That means recruiters who not only specialize in your industry, but also your particular position level. If you have fifteen years of experience and command a certain pay, working with an entry-level recruiter is not going to produce the leads you want. Ask co-workers, HR friends outside your company, and acquaintances within your industry for their recruiter recommendations.

It’s hard not to worry or feel professionally overwhelmed this time of year! But by making the investment in yourself by committing the time to complete one or all of these networking steps, you will be able to you will regain a sense of control and be in a better position to direct your own career forward!

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