Individual Coaching

Coaching is the world in which anything becomes possible. It’s a space for you to dream your biggest dream, imagine your best self, and step by step, make it a reality.


If you’re stuck in an area of your life—whether it’s a career, relationship, or life goal—and you’re ready to commit to change, VGT Consulting Group is here to help you make it happen.


Our focus will be on helping you:

  • Identify your passions

  • Shape a powerful vision that will motivate and inspire you daily

  • Craft smart, meaningful goals

  • Conquer the fears and barriers getting in your way

  • Step into action

  • Measure your success

  • Celebrate your victories


We’ll challenge you to stretch into your fullest potential, and give you the accountability you need to make continuous progress. 


Whether you want to be a stronger leader, get a promotion, or start an entirely new career, coaching can help. As we progress through the coaching process, we’ll discover exactly what you want, find the roadblocks, conquer the obstacles and prime you for your next role. If you're exploring a career transition, we also offer consulting services, including: 

  • Managing the search process

  • Building your resume

  • Leveraging assessments to exploit your strengths

  • Job offer negotiations


What is it in your life that you’re itching to change? Maybe there’s a life goal you’ve been dreaming about but it feels so far away. Maybe you want better relationships…or to have a significant relationship. Or maybe you just have that fuzzy sense that you’re capable of doing / having so much more, but it feels out of reach.


Whatever it is, if you’re ready to commit to truly doing the work, coaching will give you the unique support and guidance you need to make an impactful change.


Change can feel like a curse…until you realize it’s really a blessing. In coaching, together, we’ll define your new you. You’ll learn to gain confidence from fear, see your world through a new lens of possibility, and put a clear vision in place for what’s next so you can step forward with purpose and determination.

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